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I highly recommend Emma’s classes ,I’ve been going for over a year. The classes are relaxed and friendly , but you feel like you’ve actually worked out afterwards. We’ve used a wide variety of equipment and Emma has lots of suggestions to do exercises differently according to our individual needs. I definitely feel much more supple and stretched than I did a year ago. Thanks Emma xx

Isa 2019

Pilates has been a great help for my back problem. Emma is Friendly and professional! I would highly recommend her classes

Jo 2019

Absolutely love Emma's classes. I love the variety of exercises, the guidance to help us achieve our personal best and pace of the classes. I have learnt so much more about how to move my body and which muscles to use. Thanks Emma!

Tracy 2019

I have been coming along to Emma classes for a few months now. Emma’s classes are so relaxed and calm and Emma been brilliant supporting my individual issues with frozen shoulder and adapts the classes for your individual needs. The improvement in my shoulder has been amazing. Emma uses lots of different equipment to support the classes and they are so varied. Classes are suitable for all abilities. So glad I found Nourish Pilates.

Mandy 2019



I love Emma’s Pilates classes, the numbers are limited which means Emma can keep an eye on everyone, making adjustments to ensure we are in the right position, which makes a difference to how effective it is and how it feels, also giving alternative options so that you can work at your own level. Since starting Nourish Pilates I feel more flexible and my core is slowly improving, meaning I have actually managed to do a roll for the first time ever ! I feel taller, more flexible and have better posture by the end of every one of her classes which are happy and always fun, keep up the good work Emma ! 

Chris. 2018


I had heard about the benefits of Pilates and decided I wanted to try something new. I was very nervous at the first session looking back I don’t know why, Emma is fantastic. She is a natural. I love the way she delivers each class which is always well prepared and varied. Each lesson consists of basic moves however Emma also shows us extensions to these moves if we fancy challenging ourselves. Thank you Emma I look forward to our Friday class every week.

Sara. 2018

Emma is a natural Pilates teacher. Her classes are never predictable and always well delivered. I love the attention to detail she incorporates into the lessons.

Marie-Anne. 2018

I am loving Emma’s Pilates classes she is a great teacher - I find the classes suit all levels as you work to your own ability. Emma is very good as she makes sure you are doing each movement correctly which believe you me makes a difference.
Thanks Emma x

Jackie. 2018

Pilates with Emma is brilliant! Emma is such an excellent teacher; she gives clear and precise instructions, she demonstrates, she corrects your posture when she needs to.
I do not have a naturally flexible or supple body, but after one class a week with Emma since January, I can feel the progress I am making, both in toning muscles and in having a little more movement in joints.
On top of that I thoroughly enjoy Emma's classes - they are varied, fun and relaxing!

Sue. 2018

I love coming to Emma's Pilates classes. She's a fab teacher, explains things really clearly, challenges you but makes it fun too. I've become more supple and progressed loads since starting in January but it's not only great physically but mentally too.

Julia. 2018

I love the results of Emma’s classes - I’m more mobile, in less pain and getting stronger with each lesson. I wanted my confidence in movement to come back - Emma listened and has made it happen!

Jo. 2018

Emma is a brilliant Pilates teacher. As a total beginner to pilates, and following illness & surgeries, I have found the classes fantastic for regaining strength, mobility and good posture. Even within group classes Emma will adjust & support according to individual needs so that everyone can access the class

Helen. 2018

My physio suggested Pilates after a wedge fracture and I’m lucky to have found Emma. She’s so lovely and knowledgeable. As her classes aren’t too big she can check on how well you’re doing the exercises. My back has regained strength and my posture improved. I really enjoy the classes as they’re so much fun and I’m gaining in confidence

Sue. 2018

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