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Suitable for most but particularly those wishing for a gentler approach to exercise and Pilates or wanting to destress.
Please speak to your GP before exercising and ensure you follow the guidelines that you have agreed to.

Calming Gentle

15 Minute Class

Please stand or sit on a chair at the end if kneeling isn't available to you

Sunday Soother

 10 minute Gentle standing sequence

Sunday Soother 2

 Gentle 10 minute side lying routine


Password - SundaySoother2

Stretch & Mobilise 1

20 minute stretch routine. Gently mobilising the shoulders, neck and ankles. Stretching the glutes, spine and legs

Upper Back & Chest Release Tutorial

Grab a towel or a small weighted Pilates ball if you have one and learn how to release your thoracic spine using gentle extension whilst opening up the chest and shoulders.

Gentle Basic Mat 1

40 minutes with a standing warm up and the main class is based on the original repertoir with some of your favourite stretches along the way.

Shoulder Mobility 1


Mobilise the shoulders and open the chest with this 10 minute sequence. Suitable for most and potentially great for breast cancer survivors to increase mobility and keep the lymph moving. Not recommended if you have a shoulder injury - please consult with you GP or physio etc..



 15 minute footwork and ankle strengthening and mobilising class.
One of the most important structural parts of the body. Vital to keep your feet strong and mobilised to help avoid injury and pain throughout the body and increase your balance. Strong feet also help to give you a better running and cycling technique and can keep you walking longer.
You will need bare feet, a wall or chair, tennis ball or small weighted ball, pencil and a piece of kitchen roll!

Bedtime Breather & Mobilise


A gentle 25 minutes of breath and movement to help calm down the nervous system and gently mobilise before bedtime or when you need to feel a little more at ease.
Wear something warm (pj's and a warm jumper may be perfect!) and you you may need a towel or cushion for your head and knees and possibly a blanket to throw over yourself at the end.
Enjoy and I hope it helps you grab some zzzz's

Sunday Soother 3


17 minute gentle lower back, hip, shoulder and neck mobilisation Taken lying down.

If pregnant please use a wedge.

Gentle Basic Mat 2

30 minute class. Starting standing or seated with weights (or baked bean tins!!)

Stretch & Flow

30 minutes of stretching and mobilising. Moving the spine in all directions and mobilising in a flowing manner.
You will need a small Pilates weighted ball or cushion, block or cushion and towel.

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