Please click on the image below to be buzzed away to the Nourish Pilates class swop board.

All swops must be taken within the current term and be registered within 8 hours of a class. The more notice the better as you will have more options to chose from!

* Class swops are designed for when you are on holiday, poorly or unable to attend your regular class due to another commitment (eg. parents evening or change of working hours).

* All classes eligible for a 'swop' must be registered within 8 hours of your class to qualify.

* Any classes registered as a swop must be taken with the current term - no classes can be carried over.

* If no classes are available for the same week you are welcome to come and catch up during another week in the same term.

* Please try and keep your class swops to a minimum - I have not set a limit or too many restrictions, but have opted for an honesty policy.